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Angel Care - the best choice for your home companion care, friendship and non-medical services. 

Our staff is now specifically trained in all COVID-19 precautions both in their personal lives and while caring for our valued clients. 
      *Protective gear---masks, gloves, shields—are worn at all time while in the client’s          home. 
      *Our staff has been trained in the monitoring and identification of the symptoms of          all viral infections, including COVID-19.         

      *Educating and guiding our clients in the proper safeguards to protect 

        themselves and their families from disease. 


About Angel Care Companion Services

From many years in the home health care industry, Samantha observed and learned all the services provided especially amidst the recent changes which endeavor to keep older adults safe and happy at home and out of the hospital. While the professional health care providers are an integral and needed component of caring for the elderly and or disabled; companionship, friendship, attachment and connections are often an overlooked and underutilized factor in assuring the overall health of our loved ones.


Besides help with housekeeping, meals, grooming and hygiene, the elderly also yearn for someone to just talk to, to share experiences and just simple human interaction. The staff at Angel Care Home Companion Services, Inc., is passionate and committed to being there for our clients: as an ear to listen to, an arm to lean on and a shoulder for support. They are specifically trained to get to know the interest of the person(s) they are charged with, to listen for clues and to encourage dignity and self-esteem.

We are fully bonded and insured to further protect our clients. Our staff is fully vetted with complete background investigations, criminal history check, inspection of state abuse and maltreatment registries, and contact with former employers. 


Samantha strives to match the caregiver to the client as much as possible so that their camaraderie is as natural as possible. All staff at Angel Care is fully investigated, vetted and scrutinized to reassure you that your loved ones are being provided with the best, warmest and genuine companionship. We consider not only our clients to be “family” but encourage their families to become partners in the Angel Care extended household.

As a heartfelt Thank You for service, we offer a 10% Discount to Veterans, Military & Gold Star Families.


Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at any time or to inquire what Angel Care Companion Services can provide for you and or your loved. We consider all questions as an opportunity to learn and improve our services.    

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